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Clara Bowe Crewel and Kind Boston tapestry
Boston Emerald Necklace Tapestry Clara Bowe Urban Park Activism
Boston Emerald Necklace Tapestry More Detail Clara Bowe Urban Park Activism

Two limited edition prints of this Boston tapestry are to be auctioned off by the Emerald Necklace Conservancy and the Garden Club of the Back Bay.

It took ~ 1,950 hours to stitch this tapestry. That is a lot of room for the ups and downs of life. Moreover, as a self taught artist I am constantly having to learn from my mistakes, but I think taking on a big challenge cannot be wrong. Climate change comes to mind. I’m no President or PM but I don’t need to be, and neither do you. You just need to think outside the box, or the hoop, as it may be. I hope the Emerald Necklace Conservancy and the Garden Club of the Back Bay raise a lot of funds for conservation when they auction off the limited edition prints next year, and I’m going to advocate for them for the rest of my life because these are the institutions that can help our cities to adapt and thrive, as much as any elected official. Even as I move to DC, I know I will find more civic organizations and keep working to build community as I create art. We all make art in our lives, to some extent, and we all have the option of collaborating to achieve big goals. I hope you consider taking the time to reach out to your local garden club or park organization – it might change your life, and definitely for the better.

Clara Bowe Urban Park Activism Central Park - Aerial Embroidery - Map Embroidery


Frederick Law Olmsted holds the rare distinction of inventing a professional field and then taking all the orders. And the better for us. The winding paths, rich foliage and sun-dappled shadows inherent to his work still hold sway over tourists and residents of cities across the country today. His parks have even greater impact now, as the cities have grown around each of his designs. Next April is his 200th birth anniversary, and I think now is the time to assess how his designs work for our society today, or not.

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