About Me

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I have an international background in public education, marketing, and event planning.

In addition to my professional expertise, I am curious, resourceful, and a self-taught artist. My art and map embroidery is driven by a need to understand the built environment, and to communicate how it impacts our lives and our home, earth.

Growing up queer in Baltimore in the 90s was extremely hard. I developed PTSD as a child, as a result of bullying at school and abuse at home. But I had a vivid imagination, as many books as I wanted, and ultimately, the opportunity to leave the country after high school. I studied developing and developed nations around the world at Franklin University in Switzerland, and received a B.A. in Economic History and Environmental Science. My thesis examined the employment impact of the Industrial Revolution and the subsequent emergence of the first centralized national welfare system.

After several years teaching in formal and informal settings, I started a Master’s degree in Environmental Conservation Education at New York University. Throughout my time at NYU, I focused on marketing and fundraising strategies for Nonprofit businesses. I also worked in these areas at prestigious institutions, including but not limited to The Metropolitan Museum of Art and the Rainforest Alliance. My graduate thesis explored optimum questions and conditions for Nonprofit businesses to manage volunteers – the greatest institutional asset.

In 2018 I left an abusive partner, and started sewing.

In 2020 I opened my store, Crewel And Kind, to sell my embroidery and prints, and to promote my Central Park project. The hand sewn table runner in my self-portrait was inspired by the passing of my grandfather, at a time when I was too inexperienced to understand the challenge. I have since decided to donate this table runner to any organization that can help me successfully campaign for the first food garden in Central Park.

In 2021 I started a not-for-profit in the arts: Guerrilla Gallerina. This business arranges pop up shops for local artists, and takes no commission fee. Conventional galleries take 40% or 50% of the profit, before taxes.