Interior Design & Construction

The Apple Doesn’t Fall Far from the Tree

Around the same time I started making embroidery art, I began working on the interior design crew for a local artist who previously employed me as a Graphic Designer. Working on multiple construction sites for Altar’d State, I confirmed my love of working with my hands. Following the end of this first installation season, I decided to Apprentice with my local Carpentry Union. After reflooring the historic Shake and Bake Community Center in West Baltimore, I received an offer to travel around the country with this crew, which I had to decline. I had learned to love physical labor but had just moved back to my hometown. Shortly after my beloved grandfather passed, and in taking stock of his legacy in Architecture and Carpentry, I decided to find more advanced and varied work in Carpentry. The following months working as a Shop Assistant for Two Bolts Studio were some of the best in my life. I intend to continue teaching myself about carpentry, construction, and architecture until I can build my own home, just like my Grampa.