Professional Experience

Interior Design Construction storefront

Interior Design & Construction

The Apple Doesn’t Fall Far from the Tree. Around the same time I started making embroidery art, I began working on the interior design crew for a local artist who previously employed me as a Graphic Designer.

Maryland Institute College of Art

As soon as I left New York City, I started to miss the museums, the art, and the inspiration. I enrolled in Open Studies at Maryland Institute College of Art.
MICA MetStairs
The Last Frontier - 5

The Last Frontier

Exploring Education and the Arctic. The last project I completed while I lived in New York is a coloring text book based on my travels in Alaska.

The Metropolitan Museum of Art

The Met depends on audience engagement and especially youth engagement for the health of it’s future donor base.

Metropolitan Museum of Art 05
Youth 4 African Wildlife 01

Youth 4 African Wildlife

Youth 4 African Wildlife is a registered nonprofit based in South Africa. Each year, this organization gives young conservationists the chance to research and document the amazing variety of wildlife in South Africa’s parks and reserves.