“WORK IS LOVE MADE VISIBLE.” ~ Bowe Family Motto

Clara Bowe

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I have an international background in public education, marketing, and event planning. In addition to my professional expertise, I am curious, resourceful, and a self-taught artist. My art (and especially my aerial embroidery) is driven by a need to understand the built environment, and to communicate how it impacts our lives and our home, earth. Learn More

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I have never taken a class in embroidery, sewing, or textile work but I have always been fascinated with fiber art.

Guerilla Gallerina exhibition

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As a self-taught artist, it’s hard breaking in to the gallery world. And right when I had finally accumulated enough work for a show, Covid shut down all public spaces. I really wanted to make that happen before I left my hometown for Boston.

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“A Seat at the Table” Installed at Asian Fusion Gallery

“A Seat at the Table” Installed at Asian Fusion Gallery

After 5 years of work on the Central Park table runner - around 4,000 of hand embroidery - I was finally able to show the final installation to the public. "A Seat at the Table" is more than a luxurious fine dining setting. It is a commentary on the unequal...