Lavender Hoop – 4″

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Lavender is perhaps my favorite herb to grow and grope. The delicious smells stays with you for so long! Lol In fact, the scientific name for this Mediterrranean herb is based on the latin word for “to wash”. Romans put this aromatic herb in their bath and wash water. However, it’s hard to germinate this species, and it should always be started indoors. Once outside, Lavender is great at attracting pollinators, which makes it a good companion for fruit trees. It also functions as a good pest trap when paired with other fragrant herbs.

This piece is backed by felt and took 4.5 hours to sew.

This collection is inspired by permaculture, otherwise known as companion planting, which ensures a biodiverse garden and maximizes symbiotic relationships. I am a self-taught artist but my work is informed by a Master’s degree in Environmental Conservation Education from NYU and the drive to understand our relationship to the global environment.


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