Watermelon Hoop – 4″

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Perhaps one of the most popular fruits of summer, watermelon originally had a very important function besides feeding hungry people. In fact, Kalahari tribesmen in Southern Africa used the empty guards to hold water. Watermelons grow well next to alliums like garlic, leeks, and onions, whose pungent smells distract pests. The melon aphid/ cotton aphid is of concern, and watermelon should never be planted next to other melon or gourd species, which also attract this pest.

This piece is backed by felt and took 8.25 hours to sew.

This collection is inspired by permaculture, otherwise known as companion planting, which ensures a biodiverse garden and maximizes symbiotic relationships. I am a self-taught artist but my work is informed by a Master’s degree in Environmental Conservation Education from NYU and the drive to understand our relationship to the global environment.


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