Tomato Hoop – 4″

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Pro tip: if you can’t eat your tomato like an apple, with just a sprinkle of sea salt, you need to find a new grower. In fact, the latin for tomato means “love apple,” and it lives up to it’s name. The species originated in Central America, but has made it’s way around the world several times over. To fight the pests that come for this juicy fruit (yeah, I said it!) you should plant it with basil or other aromatic herbs. To increase crop output, plant with legumes or carrots.

This piece is backed by felt and took 5.25 hours to sew.

This collection is inspired by permaculture, otherwise known as companion planting, which ensures a biodiverse garden and maximizes symbiotic relationships. I am a self-taught artist but my work is informed by a Master’s degree in Environmental Conservation Education from NYU and the drive to understand our relationship to the global environment.


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