Patterson Park Pagoda – Small (8″)

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In many ways the Patterson Park Pagoda tells the story of Baltimore, and how a small group of people can make a big difference. 

After making a fortune running guns during the Revolutionary war, and founding the Baltimore and Ohio railroad in, William Patterson gifted 137 acres to Baltimore City in 1827. Baltimore was a major cargo hub at that time, and industrial magnates abounded, as did the taste for landscape design. The Pagoda itself was designed in 1890 by C Latimer Latrobe, then Superintendent of Parks. The asian design inspiration was entirely consistent with trending fashions, as the East had only recently opened to trade with the West.

Unfortunately, Baltimore’s race riots in 1968 resulted in white flight, which destabilized many neighborhoods and defunded predominantly black neighborhoods. The Pagoda fell into disrepair until 1998, when Friends of the Patterson Park organized, advocated, and raised funds for historical renovation. It is now one of the most beloved buildings in Baltimore or Maryland, and is a mainstay for tourism, events, and local artist. It is sure to remain so

Even without this back story, this piece will make a big difference in your collection. Minimalist stitching stays true to the historical blueprint, retrieved from archives, while the chic color palette allows this piece to add to any wall. This hand-embroidered hoop – one of a 3 piece mini-collection – is one of a kind so buy it now!

I am a self-taught artist. My designs are informed by independent archival research, as well as a Master’s degree in Environmental Conservation Education. I am driven by a need to understand the connection between Nature and the built environment, and to share that with you.


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