Oyster Mushroom Hoop – 4″

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The oyster mushroom is not just responsible for that unmistakable smell in the mushroom isle, it represents some major world history! Likely to originate in the Himalayas, the oyster mushroom grows in the wild around the world, and was first cultivated on an industrial scale by the Germans during WWI. Times may have been tough then, but these tender mushrooms remain popular today. They can be found in the wild growing on logs and dead standing trees, often in the shade. 

This piece is backed by felt and took 10 hours to sew.

This collection is inspired by permaculture, otherwise known as companion planting, which ensures a biodiverse garden and maximizes symbiotic relationships. I am a self-taught artist but my work is informed by a Master’s degree in Environmental Conservation Education from NYU and the drive to understand our relationship to the global environment.


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